Key Message 

A World-Class School District

By working together, the Osseo School District can become a world-class educational community. The school board must define, in concrete terms, what success looks like and relentlessly pursue excellence. The school board’s job is to set high expectations for each student, teacher and school leader. Every board action must align our resources (time and money) to support the district’s vision and mission.
Systemic Coherence

One of the most important roles the school board has is to ensure that all the right drivers are in place to achieve excellence and make our school district a world-class educational system.  We need to eliminate mismatched strategies, competing initiatives and illogical hierarchies. The school board needs to cut through the chaos and fragmentation to bring about systemic coherence. The school board must require the implementation of research-proven practices which will guide our district to be more effective and foster innovation.

Educational Equity

The Osseo school board must guide the district to achieve extraordinary outcomes for all students through an equity lens.  The school board must recognize and understand cultural diversity is an asset for our community and district. The school board must ensure all students have access to and engage in rigorous academic instruction, our leadership teams have representation from people of diverse backgrounds and each student engages in high quality instruction.

Meaningful Parent Engagement

As a world-class school district, we must engage and empower parents as vital members of the school community. The school board must demonstrate we value, encourage and support meaningful family engagement. The school board must set policy requiring that parents/guardians receive timely updates about their child’s progress and ensure that families are seen as co-educators. The school board will cultivate deep and trusting relationships between staff, students and families.

Visionary Leadership

The school board must hire a visionary leader as our superintendent.  The superintendent must be an educator who is articulate about what is vitality important for our growing school district.  As the district leader, the superintendent’s actions must consistently align with the district’s vision. We need to hire a superintendent who is a community-builder and collaborator.

Professional Collaboration

The Osseo School Board must model the belief that everyone - staff and students - improve through collaboration. In a world-class district everyone is working together to continually improve outcomes. Collaboration, coaching and training are embedded into each school day. As school leaders, the school board must commit to improving outcomes by providing meaningful feedback to all staff regularly.

Rigorous academics

As a world-class school district, Osseo instructors engage and challenge each and every student each and every day. To meet the needs of each student, teachers adapt teaching practices, track student progress on a daily basis and provide additional support as soon as possible. The school board provides resources for high quality social-emotional supports and services. The school board ensures our schools are able to nurture a wide range of skills and interests, including science, technology, arts, and athletics.

Accountability and Data-Driven Decision-Making

When making decisions, the school board uses rigorous and valid data to measure improvement and evaluate effectiveness.  The school board must require regular updates on school culture, district operations, budgeting, staffing, and more.

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